Release to the Beat; More on Timing.


This is the podcast I promised to follow-up last week’s blog post on “timing”. In this I discuss how muscle tension plays a role in my timing choices, and describe how I consider rhythms in physical comedy.

Hope you enjoy!




4 Responses to "Release to the Beat; More on Timing."
  1. Thanks for the podcast Ken. I’ll definitely put those beats counting in practice. I think it’s very interesting and funny to play with that moment after the “normal” beats have happened and the audience is waiting for something to happen.. but it’s not quite happening.

    I really love to watch theater plays, specially the comedy ones, just to focus on the timing of the actors. Think is a great source for inspiration, not only for acting, but for comedy timing as well.

    Cheers man,


    • Theater is great, because you get to watch an actor decide what to do for that exact moment for that specific audience. I agree, great inspiration!

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