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In this 2-hour lecture/demo, animator Ken Fountain (Monsters Vs. Aliens, Megamind, Shrek Forever After, Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss In Boots) walks you through how he approaches a snappier style of animation; exploring extreme force, pushed timing, smeared breakdowns, and all the entertaining and descriptive elements of a clean cartoony shot. “Describing” broad…(Read More)

In this 90-min video (part 2 of the “Attitudes & Acting Beats” series) Ken begins with his previously blocked shot and proceeds to breakdown the energy and muscle tension to convey believable weight and emotion.  See how carefully chosen holds and overlapping action can create engaging rhythm, and how offsetting and sculpting your curves…(Read More)

In this 3-hour video lecture/demo, follow DreamWorks Animator Ken Fountain’s process for analyzing and animating a simple, clear and appealing acting performance. With a presentation geared toward the more advanced animator looking to create a great test shot for their demo reel, Ken let’s you look over his shoulder as he…(Read More)

A fully rendered version of the shot animated during Ken Fountain’s 3-part “Attitudes & Acting Beats” video tutorial series. Animation by Ken Fountain Render, hair, cloth, and compositing by Tomasz Grenda Rigs by Angelo Sta. Catalina for…(Read More)

A fully rendered version of the shot animated during Ken Fountain’s “Animating a Basic Acting Shot” video tutorial. Animation by Ken Fountain Rigs by Victor Vinyals & Angelo Sta. Catalina for…(Read More)

Special announcement to my European friends! I have been invited to speak at this year’s Pixel Vienna in the beautiful city of…well…Vienna, Austria. I am very excited to be able to present my talk “The Power of Pantomime: Creating unique characters through purposeful movement” during the weekend of Oct 30 – Nov 01…(Read More)