Attitudes and PLAYBLASTS!


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Hey Everyone,

A bunch of people have requested that I post the succession of playblasts from the “Attitudes & Acting Beats” tutorials.  I finally had some free time to collect them and get them online.  I will update this post at some point with some embedded streaming versions, but for now here is a link to the archive.

“Attitudes & Acting Beats” Playblasts. (218.3MB)

These start with the 2 rough attitude poses and go all the way through the final body polish.  A couple of the stages are hard to distinguish between – like the Holds and Offset stages – but most have pretty obvious differences.

I did not include the lipsync stages for now, because I didn’t separate the files as specifically as I did with the body work.  I simply stayed in one Maya scene the whole time and did it in one long pass.  I’ll see if I can find a way to output the playblast breakdowns of the lipsync process at some point.

Anyway, hope these are valuable in some way! 🙂



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