A shout out to the web! (04/13)


Hey! I just want to take a second to give a shout out to few places on the web that have been catching my eye this month – as an animator, that is.



The folks at Animator Island have been posting some fun stuff. What specifically caught my attention recently was the post called 51 Great Animation Exercises To Master. A really enticing list of animation workouts that help you clock in some serious hours of practice on some potentially fun little clips, for you or your reel. And as a special bonus, animator Jason Campbell has been trying them out, in 2D no less! Totally totally inspiring. I may need to find a window to play with a couple.



Another recently upgraded resource is SplineBomb.com. Not only do they do a great job of aggregating tons of inspiring and enlightening animator-y things that are flying around out there on the internets, but now they have a store! It’s filled with lots of great animation related publications – some old standbys and some lesser known. Really great to have it all in one place.




And my friend, Tal Shwarzman, is always writing from the heart over at animation-addicts.com. Recently he posted a letter he wrote as an 8th grader to Glen Keane (and got a reply!) – and of course, now he’s a feature film animator himself. A really nice reflection. So worth the read. And his “Pay it Forward” campaign is a nice bonus addition. Go for it if you can. A great animator to have combing through your shot, if you are so fortunate.


I’ve been getting tons of hits from OnAnimation.com recently. Woohoo! A more exhaustive, entertaining, and up-to-date aggregation of animation you will never find (said in my best Alec Guinness accent.) Set your RSS feed to point directly at this target, and don’t look back.


That’s all.  Inspired to share.

Until later… 🙂


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