#01 – “IK/FK Switching”


In this inaugural podcast, I’ll be fulfilling my promise to do a little “web extra” walkthrough of how I deal with IK/FK switching when animating hand contact with a rigid surface.  I sort of skipped over it in the “Breakdowns…” video, and I felt it may be something that some new animators don’t feel very comfortable with yet, so I wanted to do a simple demo of the process I use to achieve a believable result without too much technical headache.

Please take full use of the comments section below to share any other insights you would like to add to the conversation, or questions about details I may have missed.  And keep sending me your ideas about topics you may like me to cover and I’ll try to come up with some nice brief demos or interviews in future episodes to cover it for you.

Thank you to iAnimate.net for the use of their “Jose” rig.





4 Responses to "#01 – “IK/FK Switching”"
  1. Thanks for sharing Ken, that was a good one.

    I don’t usually work with rigs that have the fk ik snap so i’ve got used to do it “eyeballing it”. And always changing from one mode to the other in one frame. I try to study which moment would be the best to do it so it doesn’t look weird in case i can’t match it with total accuracy.

    But i definitely want to try those other methods! 🙂

  2. Awesome info Ken!
    I agree with Bonny, timing would be amazing to get a better grasp on, just a breakdown of how you do timing i.e. being surprised, a stare, etc.

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